Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Don’t we all have a pub, or restaurant, that we gravitate to? A place where we know the wait staff and they know us….if not by name, at least by our face. A place that is our Cheers.

Photo by Andrea P. Coan

Isn’t It Great To Have A Favorite Place Nearby

A big part of our new, city life in the roost, is being able to walk to almost everything we need. We have an abundance of eateries all within a 2 block area. Our favorite place, is about 20′ from our lobby to the door. This is our Cheers as we just said.

Do We “Plan” To Go To Our Favorite Place?

Yes, we often make plans to meet friends and neighbors for happy hour here. Sometimes the plan is set in advance. At times, when our group can’t “decide” where to go, we know we can come here. We always, always have a good time. However, my most favorite times happen completely on the spur of the moment.

Just like the other night. After working longer than anticipated, and with our stomachs giving us clues it was time to eat, we decided to head across the street. Umbrellas in hand due to a light rain. Don’t the lights just twinkle at night in the rain?

The host, who knows everyone so well, met us at the door and welcomed us in to the local week night scene. Working professionals, and those on more flexible schedules, all enjoying soft piano jazz and eachothers company. A young couple, separated now by well designed plexiglass, jumped up to dance on the invisable dance floor.

Photo by Steve Johnson

We savored the fire grilled oysters, chatted like we’d not just seen eachother all day, and watched our beautiful city while she rained.

Sometimes planning is overrated and this pandemic is bringing out the best in people.

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