The Rooster likes to have “just a little something sweet” after enjoying whatever culinary masterpiece I’ve created for dinner. The problem is that I do not bake.
Or I admit I do not bake “well”.

For those who say baking is an art, I wholeheartedly disagree. With all those precise instructions, baking is a science and the only thing I leaned in chemistry class is that I am in awe of a soapstone counter. Other than this, baking is just too “bossy” for me. I think the best deserts are finger foods. We seldom finish a cake, or pie without it going all wonky on us. However, can’t remember the last time a cookie was tossed. Cookies come in so many varieties, will compliment most menus, happily wait on the counter for their time to arrive and give each of us control over how much we partake. But I’m still not going to spend hours baking them!

Almost Homemade…It’s all about the presentation.

So I will give up a few secrets because I do like to share. Our favorite way to have baked goods is to shamelessly encourage friends, who love to bake, know what our favorites are. Or if someone bestows a gift we really like, we stalk the web and secure a stash. We also pretend we are European, and visit the local bakeries just to buy confectionaries. In a pinch, the Rooster is an expert at scoping out the very best in the grocery bakery section. My talent is in the presentation. Two cookies, on a contrasting plate, some flowers and a beverage and I can have you feeling like you are in the South of France at an outdoor cafe with your cute little pup longing for a bite.
The other day, after we had already eaten one of these little gems, the Rooster said a cup of decaf would be perfect with them. Here we are pretending again that we are at some little cafe, when we in reality are cozied up at home. He’s the best barista I know.
The last little secret I’ll share is one everyone who has the barista’s coffee asks….what kind of coffee do we use? The Rooster has tried many types of coffee over the years and is happily using these individual pods for quiet awhile. Our kids still send him the more exotic ones above for special occasions but this nerdy budget gal has our everyday coffee netting out at 33 cents a cup. Gotta run and get to the bakery, and the ice cream shoppe because that is our other favorite way to eat cookies!


  1. My son has an espresso machine that he makes great coffee on (with pods). We are not that fancy at home, stick to regular coffee, although I like to gussy mine up with dark chocolate, vanilla, almond milk etc occasionally


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