Ever feel like you and your mate are living on two different planets?

And what about the saying opposites attract?

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

All fine and good when one of you is the planner to organize the wonder-lust’s adventures, and the other is the free spirt makes sure you enjoy yourself even though you did not want to go. Great when one of you takes a chance on the rescue dog that turns out to be the pet of a lifetime, and the other admits the daily tumbleweeds of hair were totally worth it.

But what happens when one of you is a morning person and the other is not? Honestly, now that our schedules are not as dictated, we don’t have the same problems we encountered when we were both working.

He’s the special coffee guy who will sit for an hour contemplating his day while browsing the latest udates online. I’m the one whose feet hit the floor running and can’t wait to dive into a project with a green-tea* infused juice by my side. For over 30 years, and in multiple homes, these have been our habits. However, now that we live in our 1350 dream roost, mornings could be more of a challenge if we both had the same routine.

Once again, as we learn to reinvent this thing we call retirement, it’s a good thing the Mars vs Venus thing is part of our lives!

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