The Perks of Condo Living

Yes they make a small size can of this wonder fix all!

Since moving into ROOST1350, a condo on the 7th floor of an amazing downtown building smack dab in the middle of everything walkable, the Rooster has not had to wear a tool belt all weekend long. As a matter of fact, this home improvement took about 10 minutes and corrected minor problem, or rather a nuisance.

Squeaky Hinges!

The Rooster and I operate on different schedules. Many days I get up before he does. I like to accomplish something early, say like the laundry. Our laundry is in a closet, behind a pair of well constructed solid doors. The sound of the machines was not the problem…opening the doors was. Long, shrill squeaks that woke the poor guy up before he was “ready” Actually several doors in the unit were quite verbal and I didn’t always remember which ones were like booby traps. This mini size WD40, experience and a few minutes before Sunday football and problem solved.

The Rooster doing about as much home maintenance as we need!

No more squeaky doors acting an alarm clock when one of us wants to “ease into the day”.

Condo Living

We’ve had multiple size homes and all require maintenance. For us, living in a condo reduces the physical work we are personally responsible for. We have beautiful common areas and a dedicated staff for services that make daily life very easy. For us, and many in retirement, considering a change of residence is a major decision. Early on in the Rooster’s retirement, we had both a free standing home and a townhome. What is the saying…3rd times a charm? Now we are living large, in a smaller footprint than most of our previous homes, and loving every minute!

More Benefits of Condo Living

Thinking of considering a condo lifestyle? This article shares more info and even provides a checklist if you decide to make the move. We know many who find this lifestyle simply liberating!

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