Strawberries and Whip Cream

Even when you have been friends with someone for 30+ years, you don’t always ask their secretes. Especially when said friend always outshines you in a skill. Like making whip cream!

Trade Secrets Shared

Don’t we all have that friend who simply does things better than us and makes whatever skill it is look unbelievably easy? My BFF has served homemade whipped cream so effortlessly for years. As soon as the bowl of fluff comes out, everyone oohs and aahs.

Recently Miss Perfect shared a new secret. She is now using a mini food processor to whip cream. Really? I have used a mini processor for awhile but couldn’t imagine how it could whip anything. Well, this little guy below has a whip disc (cant see it in the photo but can in the link) and BFF is swearing by it. Two days later she sent me one!

Kitchenaid 5 Cup Mini Food Processor

Not To Take Anything Away From My BFF

Yes, I am extremely grateful for this gifted replacement mini and secret of how to make perfect whipped cream every time, however, I now also have a foodie crush on this golfer who cooks! Sorry, BFF, he is going to be my go to on learning all the ways to use this new toy. Here is his You Tube video and see what I mean!

Francis Biondi

How Did I Do?

My first try, making the whip cream to wow the Rooster, wasn’t a total success. The Trader Joe box of whipped cream (chilled) was too watery in my opinion and I whipped it too long. We had a texture like ice cream which is not too bad on fresh strawberries but would have been a flop on anything else. In the future I will use the cute little carton of whipping cream in the milk section and process only the 30 seconds I was told to do. Until then, BFF you remain the whip cream queen.

Whipped Cream…Almost Like Ice Cream! If we’d gone much longer we would have had butter. (hum…not a bad idea!)

Comparing The Old & The New
Following our “Living Large in a Small Space” mantra, the predecessor was slated for Goodwill when our daughter-in law snagged it. Recycling 101!

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