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Many people “retiring” are also considering downsizing. As we’ve said before, that term sometimes conjures up a bit of a negative feeling. Especially to some Roosters who seem to equate larger homes with success. (and then they are the first ones to brag about how liberating a smaller abode is!)

Then we know of some retiree’s who are really reinventing things and take off in an RV calling it their only home. I’ve said “NO RV” to the Rooster many times! We’d have to drive it, park it, clean it, fill it with petro and unless it’s decked out like a country and western star’s tour bus…I want nothing to do with having our home be on wheels.

A Nearly Perfect Home

photo credit adam gonzales

Full disclaimer, personally I have not done well on cruises. Part of it was my attitude. Having to work like crazy to get ready to go on a vacation, struggling with what to wear(think Love Boat), needing to fly to the departure port, eating only buffet food, and getting seasick unless on high priced on land excursions….put me in a bad mood for 7 days.

However, now that I’ve had time to re think things. I can see the perks of “living” on cruise ships.

  • starting with the photo above-no problem with transportation to multiple vacation stops and talk about “free” parking
  • photos below- beautiful table settings with no clean up and a personal chef for at least 3 meals a day (endless snacks and beverages scattered throughout “the home”)
photo credit becky fantom

photo credit rod long

photo credit tamal mukhophyay
  • photo above- with a little planning, vacation spots are not only tropical beach bunnie hops, think of all of the photo opps
  • below…no home maintenance, window washing included!
  • daily room/suite cleaned and turn down bed service available

photo credit matt benson
  • never have to change light bulbs…or anything else that goes wrong or needs attention
  • wifi and cable included
  • doctor on call 24/7
  • always an updated gym and multiple classes available
  • kids packages for grandparents to “help” entertain visiting kiddos
  • laundry sent off and returned in those nice little packages
  • live entertainment just a few floors away
  • pretty amazing sunsets…how many days a year? Most!
photo credit peter hansen

Things To Consider

  • could we really not have a “home” or is a small, less expensive than a house or condo, apartment near a favorite port a nice way to have a “storage” area and home base?
  • if no need for a “home” probably at least a temperature controlled storage unit as a glorified closet to swap clothes every so often
  • are friends and family in agreement with this lifestyle? might they want to share their homes in exchange for some cruise time of their own?
  • additional health insurance, what would be needed in addition to the ships care and travel insurance?
  • could this be something fun to try, mixed with airbnb rentals?
  • are there one way cruises, or ones that allow you to hop off or on at certain ports?

Interestingly enough, we learned that a shocking 43% of people are indeed open to the idea of living on a cruise ship and would give up their homes to do so. After looking at these lovely photos, considering the not immediately obvious perks, if the Rooster and I didn’t get seasick I might just have to rethink my “NO RV”stance! Or at the very least, stock up on Dramamine and try another cruise. Sounds like a pretty nice means of transport if nothing else.

6 responses to “THE RV OF THE SEA”

  1. You really did a great job outlining the benefits of cruising. I know people love it …particularly the pampering. It’s not for me. I’d miss the woods and the wild outdoors.


    • I’m not sure yet it’s for us either, however, more open minded than before! Nature offers such peace. That’s the beauty of time to be able to consider all the options. Maybe a mix!


      • So true. Time to think about what you and your spouse want. And the fact is what is right for you may shift and change over time. I find blogging is really helpful in figuring out what is important.


        • Agree, the Rooster has been retired for 14 years and I’m just joining the mix. I’ve had a blog for our design firm for years, yet was surprised how few blogs written for the next phase in life. It’s an exciting journey for sure. Enjoy your blog!

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