Our friends and family all know, The Rooster loves change. He also loves the journey of the hunt for real estate. We’ve had so many homes we even play a game trying to name them all, in order, and argue about the actual number. (Some day I am going to write a list and get an official count.) However, as we reinvent retirement, I think we may have come home to roost…so to speak.

We’ve had homes ranging from 600′ to nearly 5,000′. We’ve lived in single family homes, shared townhouse developments, apartments and condominiums. We’ve in urban cities, suburbs, rural lake settings and in definite tourist locations. We’ve gone from owning riding lawnmowers to not even needing a ladder. In other words, we have spent a lifetime figuring out how we’d like to live as our life heads into some of the best years yet.

What Kind of Home We Want…Now

First, to be fair to The Rooster, he was not at all on board with living so much smaller for quiet while. He still tells friends he has “no stuff”. Yet, I also overhear him telling some this is the best move we’ve ever made. I know he initially made this move for me but now I can tell he likes the lifestyle we chose as much as I do.

So what kind of home are we living in now? The Roost is exactly 1,336′ of sheer bliss. It’s a two bed/two bath unit in an 18 story, extremely well managed and staffed condominium building located in a city with a walkable score of 90 that boasts pretty nice weather to walk in all year long. Here’s a start of little peek of why we chose the Roost.

The Roost has a water view that has little chance of being obstructed. Never say never, but we’ve found Marina folks are pretty territorial about their surrounds and like to share the waterfront with the locals.
Marina View off Condo Balcony
Located in the middle section of the building lets us be part of the daily activity of the city. The aromas of the eateries, the sounds of clubs and street musicians, and the laughter of everyone enjoying our charming area.
Sunset off Condo Balcony
Every evening we have a new watercolor to view. Mother nature is an excellent artist. What a wonderful backdrop for the world’s architects to work with.

City life is diverse without trying. Living in an area with so many restaurants instantly creates an atmosphere with people from all over the world. The common thread here is to live a life that works for everyone and to celebrate our glorious country.

Every one has a different lifestyle, Roost1350 is a blog that shares what is working for us. We get up every day and can’t wait to simply live!

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