This is not going to be a blurb about all of the reasons we should do some kind of physical activity, especially as we mature. Nope, this is going to be an honest evaluation of the only exercise program that has worked for me.

But first, let me share some pics of the gym that keeps myself, and hundreds of others, on track to check in at least twice a week. Doesn’t look like a gym to you?

10Ten Fitness(click to see the actual gym) is a small gym that only does personal training. The sessions are 20 minutes long and can be done is whatever clothing you have on. Literally, I wear flip flops. I go in midday, twice a week for one strength training session and at least one assisted stretching session.(Lately I have been doing two because it relaxes me so much.) Until I started here, I fought the idea of exercising even tho it was always on my mind and The Rooster is a good example of why I should have been doing more. The thought of taking up to several hours getting in a car to go sweat, then have to clean up and get back into the grove of the day was unappealing at best and never a priority. Additionally, the few times I had tried joining gyms had been a disaster. I didn’t learn enough about what to do in the single “show you around” sessions and was disappointed not seeing results. Many times I hurt myself which immediately stopped all efforts.

So what changed and what now works for me?

  • First, the gym is close. I can walk, however, even if I had to drive, it is still very easy to get in and out with an hour max for 2 sessions.
  • Next, the trainers are indeed personal trainers who get to know your bodies needs and limitations. Having said this, they also know when a limitation is real and when it is me just not wanting to do something. Busted? No, they approach this with encouragement and maybe just a little razzing. In over two years, I’ve never quit a session and only missed a handful when traveling.
  • The goals are realistic. Early on goals are discussed. If I had said I wanted to look like I did when I was 30, like as in losing same 30lbs, they would have developed a program that “assisted” me. But since I truly like to eat and didn’t want to sweat, I was honest and said I wanted to stay strong and healthy as I got older. I train right next to guys wanting to be the next Arnold and never feel out of place.
  • The results sneak up on you. The first few weeks I noticed I was really in bad shape. My body was a wreck and the stress of working during the pandemic was obvious. (I started as soon as the gym reopened in July of 2020). Within the first month, I realized I was less “tense” and the soreness of strength training only lasted one day. I remember walking home toting 4 bags of groceries and not struggling. By the third month clothes we fitting better and feeling more comfortable. All this from just going in and chatting with my friends twice a week.
  • Yes, it’s really more like a bi weekly check in. The trainers engage with all of us. They get to know us, our personalities, and areas they can converse freely with us. In the world’s current environment this says so much about these young professionals. I am continuously impressed that 20 and 30 year olds are interested in what is on the minds of the other generations. Interesting sidenote: The age range of the clientele here is 5 to 95. Before I know it, the 20 minutes of pretty intense strength training is over for another day.
  • But the thing that keeps me going most is the assisted stretching. The gal at 10Ten Fitness can spot a muscle problem and correct it quickly. After an injury last year, these stretching sessions were instrumental in the healing process. Now my goal is to stay flexible and strong to prevent any further injuries. Upright and onward!

Back to the photos. Yes, this IS the gym where all the magic happens. This particular night, the owner held a wine tasting for all of us and as a way of helping a fellow business owner promote her dream. The two young chefs also jumped in to take part in the local event. The Rooster and I had a pretty nice happy hour promoting young entrepreneurs. Spread Love is a local thing that is gaining national recognition. You guessed it, the gym owner gave the artist the wall and said go for it. So yes, I am stronger. I’m a little lighter so I can keep eating and enjoying life with The Rooster. More importantly, I am part of a special niche where all ages are welcome and look forward to being a part of our shared community. Oh yeah, and I’m now an exerciser.

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