Doesn’t this photo of summer fruits just make you want to reach in and start nibbling on these beauties?  And which fruit would we reach for first?  The blueberry I bet since all we have to do is plop it in our mouths.  These deep purple berries above are all cleaned and ready to go.  Next, the strawberries because we can hold the stem and chomp off the rest of the berry. Yum.  Last, would be the peach. It would require a little more work to pit it and clean up that sometimes spiky part in the middle.

Perhaps by now you can see where this post is leading.  Seldom do we ever read an article that does not promote how more fruits and vegetables are beneficial to us (10 reasons to eat more ), yet many of us are guilty of being more enthusiastic about buying the produce then we are about actually eating it.

Oh we always have such grand plans!  We visit our local farmers markets, and organic groceries in droves and load up on seasonal produce vowing to incorporate all these colorful goodies into our weekly menus.  When we get home, however, the fruit bowls and the crisper sit bursting with the components of our best laid plans.  Heck, we have so many bags of whole produce in the refrigerator we have to move it around to get to other less healthy items! Why…..?

Whole Apples In An Artsy Bowl

….because we buy too much and then don’t treat it like the near gold it now is! (these two apples were nearly $5) Over the last few months of being semi-retired, I have noticed a few things about our eating habits. Apples, and other produce will sit on the counter for days making me feel guilty that I ate the chips with a sandwich instead of them. With a few minor changes we have overcome the graveyard of produce we had in the past!

  • first, our fruit bowl is now right by the sink where we see the options about 20x a day
  • the fruit bowl is one that adds a bit of decor to the counter top and we switch them out occasionally to showcase some of the other pieces that mean something to us
  • next, we now buy only a few pieces of several kinds of fruit to last 1-3 days and with having more time now, it’s not a big deal to shop more often
  • lastly, and this has been a huge game changer for us, we cut up the fruit and place it in the refrigerator each morning, in several small bowls, so it is easy to grab and snack on, or add to the end of a meal
Zero Waste Produce Tip

Our fruit, and most often an “apple a day” gets sliced up with a twist of lemon at breakfast time.  Gotta admit, a cut-up apples seems to taste a lot better than those whole ones in the bowl and we haven’t tossed anything out for months.

One last tip that makes eating better easier. Frozen pure lemon juice.  Yes, a big bowl of lemons looks great, and we still always have one on hand for zesting and fancy beverages. However mostly we squeeze away and add lemon to so many things.  Lemon keeps fruit fresh and from turning brown after cut, is added to teas and water, tops off many soup and pasta dishes, marinades, and used in quick vingaretes for two.  Ironically, to date  the $2.49 per bottle price has not gone up.

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