One of the decisions to make when reinventing life for retirement is to figure out how much space we really need for our new routines and everyday life. For us the “real” list was pretty simple. We wanted as close to zero home maintenance as we could get, an updated cooking kitchen, a common area for 6-8 people, a decent size laundry closet, a pair bedrooms with updated baths and a small outdoor area. In most walkable cities this is the conventional layout so there are many choices.

However, the “other” list of how to now house all the stuff we’ve accumulated can be a little more daunting. Our journey took us to several offsite storage facilities before we were able to part with the old life and be realistic about our new life. Durning the process, The Rooster ran across the concept of Car Condos. The units were under construction and the listing agent never returned his call. Honestly, if I’d seen this place in person before they were all sold, we’d be enjoying one now!

Now that we have more time, we are able to keep an eye on local events we want to attend. One weekend, the very place he had inquired about held an open house. I was a little sad things had not worked out for us to be a part of the car condo concept, however was pleasantly impressed with the joy of those who now share this with others. We threw in a stop at Skyline Chili and had chalked this up to another adventure in our own backyard.

We’ve been a jaguar family as long as I can remember. Moving into the Roost we made the decision to let go of a classic coup and upsize to a sedan. As much as I like the comfort of the new jag, I miss the old redhead. If we’d found one of these Car Condos she could still be with us. Pretty sure she would have invited more of her family to live with her too.
The old jag would have probably had to make room for one of these classic corvettes. This is the only other car I’ve be advised that we needed all these years.
During the open house of the Car Condo we missed out on, we saw lots of toys. Everything from classic cars and cycles to super up mini RV’s that some use to travel in. You see from the photo below, these condos are large and can even be retrofitted to include additional loft space. I’m thinking if we ever get one of these, I’ll finally be able to have a deconstructed kitchen. Throw in a bed and we’d call this our weekend place.
But until another one of these communities is under construction (and not sold out), I’ll just be happy with our current jaguar sedan and my personal driver. Jag men never give in and are always the ultimate gentlemen.

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