There is something appealing about making a salad in a wooden bowl. We make most of our salad dressings for several reasons. One is we like too many different kinds to have a bottle of each taking up real estate in our smaller refrigerator and two because there is nothing like the aroma of rubbing a wooden bowl with a piece of garlic and blending oils, juices and spices. For us, it’s the start of a beautiful salad. However, now that we are living large in a smaller place, we have the dilemma of a few too many wooden bowls. Ah, but how to choose which one(s) may go?
We purchased this large bowl while on vacation in Maine many years ago. We probably could have sold it several times on the plane ride home! The red stain is so unique for a wooden bowl. The scratches and wear seem to bring out the colors even more!

This was the smaller bowl we used most often for our family. I don’t remember where it came from and the finish was really not done well since it has stayed on the sides of the bowl for years. It was probably a cheaper version of one I should have splurged on. Problem with this bowl now is it’s too big for just the two of us and I always make too much salad in it out of habit.
This is our newest wooden bowl. I basically bought it out from under our daughter while we were all visiting the Rooster’s birthplace. This bowl is smaller in diameter and shallow. It was made by a doctor who does wood working as a stress relief hobby. See, already we have a story to relate to this bowl!
What I’d really like to happen is to be able to use the shallow bowl for the two of us most often and keep the red beauty for when we have guests. This would allow us to pass on the middle size wooden bowl to Goodwill. I know it still has lots of good life and for the $5 tag they would probably put on it that would be a steal for a young cook looking for that prefect homemade caesar salad bowl!

For now, since the three stack together so nicely and take up the same amount of real estate under the butcher block, I’ll probably give myself a few weeks to see if indeed we can slim down to two bowls.

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