Salt and Light Market

Eventho I enjoy cooking, I admit that figuring out what to eat each night can sneak up on me. Didn’t we just eat yesterday?

Recipe For Life

I also admit that I am terrible at following a recipe although I love reading cookbooks. Go figure. Some of our close friends, and our family, often share photos of what each of us are preparing for dinner. This is a nice way to stay connected and we all gotta eat, right? However, because I cook by the “seat of the refriderators pants” I have learned to photo ingredients and the steps of what we are dining on.

No. 1

  • big ass bone-in pork chops
  • fresh peaches
  • kale without stems (Rooster gags)
  • olive oil, salt and pepper

This meal needs no explanation or recipe. A protein, fresh fruit, veggie and simple seasonings. The only thing I will brag about is that this meal was “grilled” on the range top. Living in a condo, we do have a lovely grill area two floors down. However, if it is raining or we are already in “lounge wear”, we will use a grill pan. The aroma is amazing.

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