While reinventing our lifestyle, in this thing called retirement, we learned quickly that keeping the tradition we’ve had of keeping Sunday as a special day is even more important to us now. There is just something about a Sunday!

Easing Into Sunday

Faith is important to us. As parents we chose to give our kids a religious foundation to grown into; or not. I’ve always believed that as humans we can be spiritual in so many ways. There is no right or wrong, there are only choices. However, frankly all those years of early Sunday church services were rather frantic at times. Work and school all week, Saturday activities obligations, household and yard chores, and socializing meant we were all pretty beat when Sunday rolled along. Personally I have always thought organized religion might be better on a Thursday night!

Therefore, after we were empty nesters yet still working, we decided to make a concentrated effort to keep Sunday as much to ourselves as possible. With fewer commitments we have an entire day to stay in comfy clothes, read, listen to music, cook, eat and recharge. My favorite response when the Rooster asks me if I want to do anything during a Sunday I reply from wherever I am…”I’m doing it!”

Of late I’ve developed a habit of lounging in bed reading while I watch the sun creep in. With a stack of books on the nightstand, the iPad and earbuds nearby, I really can entertain myself for several hours. Since the Rooster is not a chit chatter in the morning, it’s good for him to have some alone time with his coffee cup. Living large in a small condo means giving each other some space.
How many of you use the library? Yes, that great looking architectural gem that looks just like the inside of the high end bookstores we all love to browse. Part of my Sunday morning bed surfing is on the library web site to research, and then request books be placed on hold for pick up. I usually keep a cookbook, a novel, a “I should be doing this” book and something light and funny on hand. Saves me about $100 a trip (if I went to a bookstore) and if I am not getting into a book I simply return it. No buyers remorse. The library is also a great source for digital loans. In realty I could even skip the pick up in the event the lounging in got the better of me!

How I know when the Rooster Misses Me

Music is a big part of our lives. Our music at home is essential. We’ve had a simple Sonos system for years and sync it with our equally as mature Pandora account. We listen to genres and playlists we have created that suit us and all our moods. One of the speakers is on my nightstand. When I hear the music start, I know the bird is ready to have us do our Sunday thing in the same room. I swear when I hear the soft bluesy tunes, I am always reminded how much I love this life we have created. Peace, serenity and love is in our home no matter what is going on in the world.

Keeping Sunday Special

One last thing I have noticed about our Sunday routine is that we have our subtle scented candle earlier in the day than usual. Why wait for evening when we are going to relax all day!

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