Anything better than a sunset?

Living in the sky, I’ve notice the sunrises more than when we lived on the ground. We’ve definitely got the birds eye view now and I must say everyday as the sun streams in it hits different spots. The Rooster is an expert at telling me often where the sun is in the sky in relation to the month and time of year. He even does this thing with his arm explaining how the sun is going to move in the near future. I live with a built-in sundial. However, on mornings I get up early, I am the resident expert on how the sun is moving thru the house. It’s almost like a game now to see what the sun is pointing out and asking me to stop and appreciate just a little bit more than I already do.

Bold Orange Flower Art, Streaming Sunlight
As if this big guy didn’t get noticed enough, his buddy Mr. Sun pretty much screamed “look at me!” this morning. This does not happen every morning so I guess I better pay attention. Yes, I see the elephant in the room.

Metal Wall Art, Copper, Sunlight
We’ve walked by this spot in our home hundreds of times. Today, the sunlight box reminded me of the tiny copper leaves on this metal tree sculpture and that every decor benefits from a bit of turquoise!

Guest Bedroom, Soft Light, Stripped Bed Linens
How often do we stop and take a peek at what our guest wake up too? Soft filtered sunlight is pretty nice…I might have to be a guest” sometime!
There is no question that sun flowers usually make us all grin when we have a few on the counter. With the morning sunlight streaming thru the vase, even the stems are worth a second look! Sunlight is such a free asset in our homes decor.

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Sunset, High Rise Condo
Gotta admit Roost1350 gets some pretty spectacular sunsets. The Rooster is out on the balcony most nights snapping a photo like it’s the only sunset he’s ever seen. To be fair, no two are alike and they change every few minutes. I do have a nice collection of amazing shots thanks to his constant awe. Thanks Mr. Sundial.


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