Part of our day is a pre-dinner, happy hour.  Perhaps this sounds a little Mad Men to some, but it’s a routine we like that signals the end to whatever we did individually during the day. It’s our time to reconnect and start our evening together.

When Heavy Appetizers Might Ruin Dinner

No doubt, there is nothing better than a nice piece of aged cheese, on some hearty crackers, along side the beverage of our choice. Right?

Photo by NastyaSensei

Somedays, in our house, happy hour morphs over into dinner.   This usually happens when we are in the midst of some engaging conversation fueled by more than one glass of wine.  Those days we break out heavier snacks and go with the flow.  But when we have our heads set on the dinner we’ve planned, we try to have the pre dinner snacks offset the food groups we will consume later.

No Guilt Appetizers

Veggies and Dips

In summer, when produce is plentiful, we love the seasonal Trader Joes Dill Pickle Hummus and cut up veggies, like these TJ Poco Bites cucumbers.  We cut the cucs in half, fit them into a large mason jar and fill with water.  These mini cucumbers will stay crisp for about 2 weeks and then do get a little softer (as in pickle texture) during the 3rd week).  Drizzle the hummus with a good olive oil, add some salt & pepper and this is a really great snack.  When we will be dining out at night, this can also be a nice lite lunch.  Filling, healthy and does wonders for remembering…everything in moderation makes life wonderful!

Here Here Mr. Hemingway!


  1. I would say you have to be careful matching the apps with what you will be drinking on a given day. Certain foods i.e. olives, pickles, dressing can
    “Kill” the taste of a good glass of wine.
    Champagne, beer and mixed drinks can handle the different flavors better than
    wine. Just sayin!


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