Hint: It’s Not The Beach…It’s The Water

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth M

Beaches Start To All Look The Same

Who hasn’t been on a vacation and been lured into thinking this is how we want to live when we “retire“? Come on, let’s reinvent ourselves to live on white sandy beaches with miles of blue skies dipping their toes into equally blue seas. Sign us up..right?

Nope, not us.

After 14 years of living in paradise we can honestly say that if we’d chosen the place on the beach we would have missed out of some of the most beautiful light shows mother nature has to offer.

Living A Few Blocks From The Water Is Magnificent

Roost1350 is technically two blocks from a bay that leads to the Gulf of Mexico. I say “technically” because our street intersects thru those two blocks directly to the bay front so we have a nice clean shot to the water. Living higher, why we call this place the Roost, we can also see the bay from several vantage points. The ever-changing city skyline, and the never the same sunset, keeps us counting our blessings every night!

Something to consider, when choosing your own piece of paradise, is do you want to see the sun rise or set every day? We chose the sunset because we might not be up in time each day (ha!) and don’t want to miss a single one of these masterpieces.

When we need a beach fix…we go at sunset…

and enjoy the sunrises via our friends!

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth M


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