Before we started to reinvent our lives after working full time, going to see a movie was always a favorite pastime for us. Sneaking out of work early for an afternoon matinee seemed almost like an entire vacation. So when we stumbled upon an independent theater surrounded by sidewalks full of local art we knew we’d made the right choice of where to land in retirement!

Our city promotes the arts in so many ways. This part of town has become a mecca for artists of all ages to express their passions. What was once a mod-podge of sidewalk pavements is now a gallery of diversity. We literally walk on all this beautiful art on our way to the theatre.

I won’t tell you the Rooster’s age…but he gets better looking every decade!
Many of the movies we see at this “off the path” theatre will never make it to the mainstream theaters. Movies about food are always on the top of my list!
Just like when we were working, love the afternoon matinee!
Movie Lunch
We sometimes upgrade to a larger corn, with dessert, when its dinner at the movies!
I swear the Rooster has an uncanny knack of always coordinating his wardrobe with the movie marquee. This is part of why I married him…its pretty easy living with a peacock every day.

What about you….do you still like the whole movie experience? Or has Netflix won you over?

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