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Next To Politics…This Might Be The Greatest Divider

Miracle Whip
Too some, this may look like an old mayo jar, but in our house as kids…this was a paint jar. After one taste, I was firmly in the camp of “I will never eat that stuff” when I thought this was mayonnaise.

Your Mom Is Better Than Mine

Hellman's, mayo
Growing up, most of the other Moms that actually cooked, always had Hellmann’s in their refrigerators. They made a point of it being “real” which of course meant the “miracle” in our fridge was an imposter. My first love was a grilled cheese with mayo served for lunch by Debbie’s Mom. (who by the way was not a good Mom because she “worked” according to our stay at home Mom whose claim to fame was making Koolaid with no sugar that none of our buddies would drink)
Therefore at the Roost we only allow Dukes mayonnaise to cross the threshold. A dear friend from Mississippi, who died too early with ALS, could whip up fresh mayo while having wine and making a salad. She tried to teach me and mine was always a flop. She would smirk with her status secure and send a little jar home with me. She told me the “unfortunate in Mississippi” who could not make their own mayo, only bought Duke’s. We’ve never looked back. This anti Miracle Whip gal now eats mayo off a spoon!

Easy Mayo Conversion

Now that I am a seasoned cook, I know how to win over the occassional mayo hater. Add some savory herbs, and a little kick to the Duke, and call it Aioli. (I love to say that word!)

Real foodies wouldn’t dream of eating anything but mayo aioli with their frenchies.
When our grands got old enough, we’d have them choose a city and we’d meet them to explore. They learned to maneuver travel and we taught them the aspects of fine dining. These frites were in Quebec City and you see they came properly adorned with “REAL-VRAIE”. That is not French for Miracle Whip!

The Real Mc Coy

Chicken Coop
The most authentic mayo makers probably have these producers in their backyard. Photo courtesty of Texas Monthly.

So where do you fall? Are you a mayo lover and loyal to a certain brand? Homemade only? Love the imposter? Or simply will never lick this stuff off your lips?

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2 responses to “THE MAYONNAISE WAR”

  1. OMG, I’ve just been recently making my own mayo and seriously with the immersion blender it’s easy. I am a huge mayo with fries person.


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