Barley In A Field

Beans were probably more accessible than barley when Mr. Cash wrote this song. But let me tell you, we are jumping on the barley train at the ROOST!

Tired of oatmeal for breakfast…try cinnamon, coconut, maple barley!
Barley is fast becoming a staple in our home. We prefer the pearled vs husked option both for the taste and a quicker prep time. It is very easy to cook a small pot and have barley handy in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Nutritionally, we like the benefits of barley, although reading the article, you will learn there are a few instances where barely may need to be limited or monitored.

Barley For Breakfast

Here’s how we do barley in the morning. An individual size serving comes from the refrigerator and gets zapped in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. To this now toasty soft grain, it’s easy to add all kinds of goodies. Dried or fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, spices, butter and honey just for starters.
Personally, I like to add unsweetened coconut (kept in a recycled jar), cinnamon, maple syrup and top it all with real whipped cream. (just a splash!) Another fav combo is dried blueberries, cardamon and honey. Whatever you might plop into oatmeal will work wonderfully in barley.

Other Ways To Start Using Barley

Until I started experimenting with barley, the only thing I could think of to make was Beef with Barley soup. We’ve never gone ga ga over couscous or quinoa. I am not one to have lots of different grains on hand. At this point in our new, yet mature lifestyle, we know what we like and tend to use the same ingredients in different ways. Therefore, I am revisiting some recipes that use other gains and thinking why not sub in barley? What about using barley instead of rice? A nutritionist I know has always said rice does almost nothing for our bodies. I admit I have recalled her advice, although disregard as I tear the top off a sugar packet to eat the last of the white rice in those cute little asian bowls!

amy & jack

What about you…how do you use barley? Please share!

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