What We Ate A Year Ago….August 28, 2021

I could fib and say that all of our meals are carefully choreographed, take hours to create, photos are filed and cataloged for future use, and we linger over dinners like couples in the movies. In reality the only meal goal we have anymore is to plan on eating things we like sometime between the start of Wheel of Fortune and the end of Jeopardy each evening.

Taking food photos, to share with a few close friends and family who ask, has become a hobby of sorts. This does make it easy to track of food we like and not stress over what to cook everyday. We’ve come up with some very nice meals using the things we have “leftover”. We don’t stray too far from the ingredients we both like and more times than not, our kitchen is like a Bobby Flay throw down. One friend asked me if there was anything I cooked the Rooster didn’t like? Not often, but when there is, I delete those photos. Complete editorial authority has its perks.

A White Flatbread with Greenery

Ingredients…More of Less

  • ready made naan or flat breads (because I don’t need to make a crust to impressive the Rooster, however looks like we must have nibbled on half of ones of these prior)
  • olive oil and an herby seasoning ( like a ranch mix)
  • greens- spinach, leeks, parsley, asparagus (it’s little bits we had lurking in the ref)
  • mushroom and garlic (we always have garlic and a few almost expired rooms hanging around)
  • cream, cornstarch and several types of cheese (to make a white sauce and it’s always different)
  • frozen cherries and ice cream (because who doesn’t like the flowers and dessert to coordinate! (breakfast cookie apparently was still laying on the counter…walla so chic!)

The Magic Of I Photos

Before too many of you start thinking this chic needs to get a life, these videos are courtesy of the magic of Apple. Every day I get a reminder of a memory in a series of photos. Honestly, I just figured out that the first memory each day is of the same date a year ago. It’s kinda fun to see what we ate, and where. Apparently this meal was another one of our cozy sofa meals. With no kiddos at home we no longer have the rule of always eating at the table!

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